Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank You to the Firemen of Station 2

Our  students made a flag out of a bed sheet and hand prints which we presented to the fire station right down the street on September 11th. The firemen gave us a tour of the firehouse, truck, equipment, even showed how the come down the pole.  One fireman dressed in full gear and the students got to touch him and talk to him while in his gear (learning not to be afraid of a firefighter in in full gear in an emergency situation). The students all had a chance to sit in the cab of the firetruck. The firemen were very generous with their patience and kindness. The firemen hung our flag before we left. We even had our photo in the newspaper.  The students had a blast!!

Our flag.

Thank you card the students will sign. Thank you Lisa for the firetruck cutting file! If you would like the cutting file go to:
Sew Many Ways