Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Cards and a Token of Appreciation

Card for my youngest son. He has a BIG dog and I'm sure he'll like this card:

I need another card or two (imagine that...I forgot to send a card to someone!). Of course I did not have the supplies to recreate the card I sent to everyone else!

Ali from the Farmer's Market (has jewelery, bags made from recycled materials, scarves, gloves, and a few other things) has cute bags that she puts purchased items in. I made her a dress card using the leopard print bag (bad photo but here is a link to the card: Since then she has given me bags several times to use as I wished. Below is a lotion holder I made for her with one of the bags she gave me recently. I also covered the lotion with the paper from the bag.

If you are interested in anything I used or how to make the lotion holder, email me at .

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shower Invitation

My friend Sue is throwing a bridal/wedding shower for one of her nieces. The gift theme is Holidays or Seasonal. Sue is very creative and green...just plain crafty! She uses lots of things she just happens to have or my leftovers from other projects or unused crafty supplies. This is her invitation the shower:

The cute little graphics Sue had on the inside of her card would not copy into Blogger and I only had it in a MSWord document...below is the inside without them.
are invited to a
for  Sarah xxxxxxxx   and  Kyle xxx
December 29, 2012
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
xxx  xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
RSVP – Sue xxx-xxx-xxxx (call or text)
Instead of traditional Christmas gift giving, I thought we could
change it up this year and have a Holiday Shower.  You chose
a holiday and find a gift that will help start Sarah and Kyle
begin a life time of holidays together.