Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Cards and a Token of Appreciation

Card for my youngest son. He has a BIG dog and I'm sure he'll like this card:

I need another card or two (imagine that...I forgot to send a card to someone!). Of course I did not have the supplies to recreate the card I sent to everyone else!

Ali from the Farmer's Market (has jewelery, bags made from recycled materials, scarves, gloves, and a few other things) has cute bags that she puts purchased items in. I made her a dress card using the leopard print bag (bad photo but here is a link to the card: Since then she has given me bags several times to use as I wished. Below is a lotion holder I made for her with one of the bags she gave me recently. I also covered the lotion with the paper from the bag.

If you are interested in anything I used or how to make the lotion holder, email me at .

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