Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Craft Table

I saw this table and knew I needed wanted one like it. Here is the blog where I found it:
This is a very easy, inexpensive table--4 bookcases ($16 each) and 2 hollow core doors ($24), just a little over $100.

Look at all the storage!!

I really like how neat and put together her whole crafting space is! Mine will NEVER be that neat, even if I have just cleaned and reorganized!

When my youngest son came to visit last month, he put the bookcases I had purchased together and bought the doors for me. What a good boy he is!!

I have not painted the doors yet. That will have to wait for summer, which is only 8 weeks away!!

For now the doors are covered with freezer paper to protect them from crafty mishaps. Some day when the top of my crafting table looks neat (don't hold your breath!) I may take a photo.
My new table is the right height for me stand at and work or, if I put my office chair at its maximum height, I can comfortably sit at it.
I am still rearranging and putting things away. There is a ton of storage in the shelves and under the table for all of those rolling carts. Hmm...maybe, I need more ...PAPER!!

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